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Purivox Bird Control

Systematic bird control since 1950

Purivox GmbH is an owner-managed company for professional bird control systems:
  • With a tested Purivox bird repellent system you benefit from our experience since 1950.
  • We mainly deal with the demanding bird control for large areas over several hectares, such as farmers, wine growers or airports.
  • We are based in Ottersheim, a small local village in Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate). However, our defence devices are in use on all continents of the world (except Antarctica).

Successful bird control

Our mission is an increased crop yield in agriculture. Over time, other areas for bird control have been added.

Here is an overview of the areas in which Purivox bird control devices can help you:

Increasing crop yields in agriculture

  • Land under cultivation and arable farming
  • Vineyards and nurseries
  • Orchards and vegetable gardens
  • Fish farming and aquaculture
  • Gardens and lawns
  • Koi ponds and pond systems
  • Stables and courtyards


Protection against bird strike and bird protection

  • Airports
  • Gas and oil drilling platforms
  • Industrial facilities

What’s the best bird control?

The best bird control is a bird control that works. Not all birds can be scared away. The common tips are often useless or sometimes even illegal. Also, the products for bird defense from the market do not always keep what they promise. With us you don’t get these products, as they have almost no effect.

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