Bird Control with the Purivox Carousel -Triplex V


Location:    Martinborough (New Zealand)
Purpose: bird control
Species which are causing damage: starlings, blackbirds, thrushes and waxeyes
Protection Area: 38 ha

With 38 ha of productive vineyard split into 20 individual blocks varying in size from half to six hectares, the logistics of vineyard management practices at Murdoch James Estate take some coordinating.

Late in summer, bird control takes priority for Steve Plowman who heads the four-strong vineyard team.
Steve says: “Our blocks are on varied terrain – riverside, hillside, cliff-side as well as flatter blocks – and there are lots of trees which add to the property’s aesthetics and help create areas for beneficial insects, but of course, are home to lots of birds."

“We cover all vines with bird netting, but as all vineyard personnel know, it’s extremely difficult to stop waxeyes in particular from getting inside the nets. The tiniest hole will let them in. We get large flocks of starlings here and blackbirds and thrushes are also in big numbers."

“We found the gas bangers particularly good; they emit a good solid loud bang and like all gas guns you need to move them fairly regularly. We used the mirror pyramid which sits on top of the tripod guns – this is very good – as the gas gun bangs, it rotates and the random flashing from the mirrors was very effective."

Overall Steve says he has found the Purivox gas guns cost effective. “They’re well-priced and certainly do a very effective job.”