Topsnap - The indoor mousetrap


Topsnap - The indoor mousetrap

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Early and active control against mice is important to avoid mass reproduction, damage and contamination. The topsnap trap is a high-quality and, thanks to its sophisticated mechanics, particularly user-friendly and efficient trap for targeted mice control in indoor areas.

   - High-quality product made of chrome steel and solid plastic
   - Quick, easy and safe positioning from the outside with one hand grip
   - Non-contact removal of the catcher
   - Efficient thanks to two independent fall mechanisms for catch sequences from both directions


 Scope of application of the Topsnap:

    •     Food and feed storage facilities
    •     Greenhouses and vegetable tunnels
    •     Vegetable and fruit storage
    •     Food processing plants
    •     House and courtyard
    •     Wherever mice occur in building

Technical data:

    •     Weight: approx. 780g
    •     Length: 320 mm
    •     height: 75 mm
    •     Height incl. clamping lever: 118 mm
    •     width: 85 mm
    •     Material: plastic and chrome steel (stainless)
          patent pending


  •     High-quality product made of chrome steel and solid plastic
  •     Robust and durable for permanent use
  •     Innovative latch mechanism for catch sequence from both directions
  •     Quick and easy adjustment from the outside thanks to clamping lever
  •     External display whether latch activated or triggered
  •     Uncomplicated assembly of the bait holder
  •     Very sensitive trigger mechanism
  •     Non-contact removal of the catcher
  •     Safe for users, small children and pets
  •     Non-hazardous for environment and user (without chemicals)
  •     Suitable for house mice, field mice and other small indoor mice