Spraydome - Weed sprayer

Spraydome - Weed sprayer

delivery time: 5 - 45 days

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 With the Spraydome shielded herbicide spray heads, weed control on strawberry dams is extremely easy. The great advantage of the complete shielding is perfected by the spray head rotating independently on the foil dam. The spray domes are always equipped with two flat jet nozzles to maintain the entire width.

By using the Spraydome spray heads there are many advantages which make the Hebizid weed treatment of strawberry dams much easier and faster:

  •     Easy handling
  •     Compact and easy mounting
  •     Independent leadership at the dam
  •     No damage to the foil due to rotating shielding
  •     different spray head sizes (Ø40cm and Ø60cm)
  •     Can be used with existing syringe / tank unit

Why many of our customers are so enthusiastic about the Spraydome spray heads is surely due to the easy handling and the fact that the relatively soft side of the Spraydome head is pressed against the dam by a spring mechanism. The entire shielding (yellow unit) can be rotated freely and thus always rotates at the same speed as the vehicle, which means that no damage is caused to the foil dam.
Two heads are always used per row (left and right spray dome unit). The two spray domes spray heads are adjusted to the distance between the dams so that the complete area between the dams is treated. Due to the spring mechanism also small unevennesses are treated, because the spray dome spray head always fits neatly to the dam.

For an optimal result, we always recommend the use of a parallelogram / guide wheel to maintain a constant distance to the vegetation / soil.



Spraydome Herbicide Spray Head Sizes:

Spraydome Ø400 left nozzle (art. no. 132040)
Spraydome Ø400 right nozzle (art. no. 132041)

Spray domes Ø600 left nozzle (art. no. 130956)
Spraydome Ø600 right nozzle (art. no. 130955)

Details Spraydome - Weed sprayer:

delivery time: 5 - 45 days
payment options: Prepayment, invoice (only within Germany)
consultation: +49 (0) 63 55 95 43 - 0