Bird of prey kite (eagle)

Bird of prey kite (eagle)

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Product description

The bird of prey kite (eagle) is an environmentally friendly and noiseless way for effective bird control in coastal areas. Therefore the kite can be used in the immediate vicinity of residential areas. The authentic replica of a eagle is made of weatherproof and tear-resistant Tyvek (synthetic material made of polyethylene fibre fleece). This polyethylene fibre is: extremely tearproof, waterproof, very light. Due to the very low weight, the kite moves even in light wind. The eagle has a span width of 1.11m.


Operating principle

The rising and wing-beating eagle causes a natural bird control of numerous bird species. Due to the very detailed replica of a eagle, other birds cannot tell the difference to a real eagle. For most birds, the eagle is a natural enemy. Therefore they avoid the areas where the eagle is located. Even a light breeze can provide a lasting and immediate defence.

Advantages Bird of prey kite (eagle):

  • easy and quick installation
  • environmentally friendly
  • effective visual, noiseless attraction
  • can be used in the immediate vicinity of residential areas
  • dimensions: 1.11 x 0.5m

The Bird of prey kite (eagle) for bird control provides silent and environmentally friendly protection in a wide variety of areas!

Details Bird of prey kite (eagle):

delivery time: 1 - 3 days
protected area: 1 ha
target group: fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable growing, arable farming
operational purpose: bird control
bird species: blackbirds, jackdaws, geese, gulls, woodpeckers, starlings, pigeons
warnings: In case of strong wind/ storm dismantle the eagle and secure it.
article number: 140108
weight: 0,40 kg
dimensions: 110,00 x 50,00 x 12,00 cm
included in delivery: 1x Bird of prey kite (eagle)
not included in delivery:

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