Bird Control Laser PLUS

Bird Control Laser PLUS

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delivery time: 1 - 10 days

Product description

The bird control Laser PLUS is a manual, visual bird control system for use on large areas. Due to the green laser beam, certain bird species have the feeling that something is moving in their immediate vicinity. This triggers the birds' flight instinct and they leave the area. The laser is mainly designed for the use at low light intensity (dawn & dusk, in winter and in very cloudy conditions). The range under cloudy skies is about 2 kilometres. In bright sunlight the beam is invisible and therefore ineffective. The rotating object allows the laser dot to be enlarged and reduced, so that the optimum effect can always be achieved. The laser is used in agricultural enterprises. The Laser PLUS is exclusively intended for outdoor use.


Operating principle

The beam of the laser is first directed downwards, switched on and then slowly moved across the floor to the target. At the target, the beam is then slowly moved towards the birds and moved in front of them. If the birds are hiding in trees or hedges, this area is also illuminated with the laser, so these hiding places are also classified as unsafe areas for the birds. If the laser is used regularly, the birds avoid these areas.

Laser Hazard Warning

Laser Gefahrenhinweis

Advantages Bird Control Laser PLUS:

  • easy handling
  • effective
  • long range

The bird control Laser PLUS provides simple and efficient protection on agricultural areas!

Details Bird Control Laser PLUS:

delivery time: 1 - 10 days
target group: agricultural areas, hard-to-reach areas
operational purpose: bird control
bird species: geese, gulls, pigeons
guarantee: 12 month
warnings: NEVER look directly at the laser beam or point it at people, airplanes, boats or vehicles! It is forbidden to use the laser near residential buildings, public places and in areas where other people might be present! The Laser must be kept out of reach of children!
article number: 140190
weight: 0,40 kg
dimensions: 5,00 x 22,50 x 5,00 cm
included in delivery: Bird Control Laser PLUS, Key switch incl. 2x key, 2x batteries, charger, carrying cases
payment options: Prepayment, invoice (only within Germany)
consultation: +49 (0) 63 55 95 43 - 0

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