Purivox Triplex V - Wild boar version

Purivox Triplex V - Wild boar version

article number: 111126-W

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delivery time: 1 - 3 days

Product description

The Purivox Triplex V with analogue time switch is a compact gas cannon for mobile bird and wild animal control. The Purivox Triplex V is used for fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable growing, arable farming, fish farming and on waste disposal sites. Various setting options offer an individual adaptation to the respective bird control or situation. With the help of the electronic unit, the number of shots, irregular pause times as well as the volume can be adjusted in two steps. In addition, the volume can be additionally regulated by adjusting the length of the firing tube.

Furthermore, the analogue 24h time switch allows the adjustment of active and rest times.


Operating principle

With the help of a simulated shot you can achieve a good wild animal control. A frequent change of place of the device optimizes the wild animal control, as the animals won't get used to the shots. The wild animals are mainly active during twilight. Therefore, it is important that the device works especially during these times, which can be adjusted very easily with the built-in time switch.

For wild animal control it is important to shoot less and more irregular. Therefore, this device version has longer pause times (stage I = 8-16 min; stage II = 16-32 min; stage III = 38-76 min; stage IV = 55-110 min). The device always waits for the minimum time and then shoots randomly in the time window that was selected.

The irregular and randomly generated shooting plus the frequent change of the location results in a very good wild animal control.

Advantages Purivox Triplex V:

  • compact and light construction
  • individually adjustable
  • usable in various areas
  • 24h time switch for active and rest times

The Purivox Triplex V gas cannon with analogue time switch provides high quality and efficient protection against wild animals in a variety of areas!

Details Purivox Triplex V:

variant: Purivox Triplex V - Wild boar version
delivery time: 1 - 3 days
protected area: 1-2 ha
target group: fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable growing, arable farming, fish farming, waste disposal sites
operational purpose: wild animal control
bird species: wild boars
guarantee: 24 month
operating manual:

Purivox Triplex V with analogue time switch

warnings: Operation only for persons over 18 years
article number: 111126-W
weight: 9,80 kg
dimensions: 56,00 x 20,00 x 49,00 cm
included in delivery: Purivox Triplex V, 2x block battery
not included in delivery:

gas cylinder

payment options: Prepayment, invoice (only within Germany)
consultation: +49 (0) 63 55 95 43 - 0

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