Purivox Carousel Triplex V with digital NFC timer

Purivox Carousel Triplex V with digital NFC timer

article number: 111227

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delivery time: 1 - 3 days

Product description

The Purivox Carousel Triplex V with digital NFC timer is a rotating gas cannon for bird control for large areas. The tripod allows the unit to stand securely on any surface. The Purivox Carousel Triplex V is used for fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable growing, arable farming, fish farming and on waste disposal sites.
Due to its special design, the complete top structure is pivoted. When the device is triggered at random intervalls, the top structure starts to rotate due to the recoil. The two following shots cover an area of 360° around the unit. Various adjustment possibilities offer an individual adaptaion to the respective bird control. With the help of the electronic unit, the number of shots, irregular pause times as well as the volume can be adjusted in two steps. Furthermore, the digital 12V NFC 1-channel weekly timer* allows the adjustment of active and rest times. The weekly timer can be configured via an NFC interface. All you need is a smartphone with NFC chip and the appropriate Save'n carry app.

*This digital timer is a special version which has a very low power consumption. Commercially available 12V digital timers have a relay circuit output, which increase the power consumption and reduce the runtime of the gas cannons.


Operating principle

The reliable 3-times shot enables the best possible bird control. The first shot will startle the birds and cause them to fly up. The second shot is fired shortly after the birds fly up and prevents them from settling down again. With the following third shot, the animals are finally chased away.

Advantages Purivox Carousel Triplex V:

  • rotating tripod allows 360° coverage
  • sound tube in viticulture above the vines for optimal area performance
  • large protection area
  • individually adjustable
  • usable in various areas
  • programming via App and NFC function

The Purivox Carousel Triplex V gas cannon with digital NFC timer provides high quality and efficient protection against birds and wild animals in a variety of areas!

Important! Lot's of shooting does NOT help much. The device should only be used at times when the birds are on site!

Details Purivox Carousel Triplex V:

variant: Purivox Carousel Triplex V with digital NFC timer
delivery time: 1 - 3 days
protected area: 4,5 ha
target group: fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable growing, arable farming, fish farming, waste disposal sites
operational purpose: bird control
bird species: blackbirds, jackdaws, geese, cormorants, crows, cranes, seagulls, herons, starlings, pigeons
guarantee: 24 month
operating manual:

Purivox Carousel Triplex V

warnings: Operation only for persons over 18 years!
article number: 111227
weight: 13,00 kg
dimensions: 118,00 x 18,00 x 28,00 cm
included in delivery: 1x Purivox Carousel Triplex V, 2x block battery
not included in delivery:

gas cylinder

payment options: Prepayment, invoice (only within Germany)
consultation: +49 (0) 63 55 95 43 - 0

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