Crow dummy

Crow dummy

article number: 140172

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Product description

The crow dummy is used to visually repel birds from small areas. Dead birds trigger an escape instinct in their conspecifics. This effect increases with the number of dead birds lying or hanging. It's particularly effective to hang the dummy on a string (there is a hole for the string). This shows the crows that the death was caused by one of its enemies, humans. The rubber made dummy is resitant to all weather conditions and can withstand a drop from a great height.


Operating principle

The crow dummy is placed or hung on the desired surface. When placing it, always choose a position from which the dummy is clearly visible to the birds. To achieve the best possible protection, several dummies should be hung and, if necessary, additional bird control equipment should be used.

After all crows have been scared away, the dummy should be removed to avoid habituation. Should the crows return, simply hang the dummy up once more.

Advantages Crow dummy:

  • very easy and quick to place
  • environmentally friendly
  • effective optical, noiseless stimulus
  • can be used in the immediate vicinity of residential areas

The crow dummy provides silent and environmentally friendly protection in various areas!

Details Crow dummy:

delivery time: 1 - 3 days
target group: gardens, ponds, vegetable farming, terraces
operational purpose: bird control
bird species: jackdaws, crows
article number: 140172
dimensions: 36,00 x 38,00 x 9,00 cm
included in delivery: 1x crow dummy
not included in delivery:


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