Purivox Triplex V


Purivox Triplex V

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The Purivox Triplex V is the smallest and most compact unit of the Triplex V series. The Purivox Triplex V gas cannon is used for a successful bird control and wild animal control (deer and wild boars). The unit is used with standard propane gas. By the over the years proved Purivox electronic unit, it is possible to set the unit perfect to your needs. Because of the many settings, a habituation of the birds or wild animals is nearly impossible. Especially by the easy programming of the Purivox bird scaring device, it is very easy to set up the unit.

The special design makes the complete unit very lightweight (9kg/18,8 pound) and so perfectly for the use at different locations.

The Purivox Triplex V is used for:

  • Vineyards and orchards
  • Fish farms
  • Industrial equipment
  • Airports
  • Agriculture
  • Landfills
  • many more

The electronics allows the following settings:

  • Setting the interval times
  • Setting the number of shots
  • Adjusting the volume

Read more here about the electronic unit, or look at the manual.

The gas regulator, specially designed for the Purivox gas cannon devices, can be equipped with three different connections.

With Purivox devices your crop can be safely secured from birds and wild animals.   


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