Laying shotgun

Laying shotgun

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The laying shotgun for the proper and comfortable spreading of poisonous wheat against field mice. With this device you can work in an upright posture without getting tired.
This newly developed lay-up shotgun is particularly characterised by its extremely low empty weight and easy operation.

The tube is set to the ground above each mouse hole. By placing it on the ground, the outlet opening opens and the grains trickle into the mouse hole. Only every second to third hole is occupied. The setting should be made so that approx. ten grains fall out. The outlet is closed again by lifting the shotgun. The output quantity can be adjusted via a thread with two stop nuts each. Occasionally occurring jams, for example when grains get stuck in the outlet, can be removed by placing the shotgun on the ground again.
The clear width of the outlet opening should be approx. 5 mm as a guide for adjusting the shotgun for poisonous wheat.

After the work has been done, the remaining poison grains should be filled into the original packaging and stored in a dry place.

Technical data:

Length: 1100 mm
Diameter: 30 mm
Volume for filling: 460 ml
Weight empty: 250 gr
Material: Polyethylene

Details Laying shotgun:

producer: Purivox Saat- und Ernteschutzgeräte GmbH
delivery time: 1 - 3 days
article number: 140010
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