Herbicide spray head Undavina

Herbicide spray head Undavina

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The Undavina herbicide spray head is perfect for clean weed control right up to the crop.
Due to the shielding of the Undavina, the risk of drift is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the special suspension can be used on stable crops such as blueberries, vines, fruit trees and many more (for blueberries, the plants must be strong enough so that the Undavina does not break branches when in direct contact with the plant).

Undavina herbicide spray heads for weed control offer many advantages that make work much easier and faster:

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and easy mounting
  • Independent spring-back of the spray head on the cultivated plant
  • No damage to the pallets due to rotating shielding
  • different spray head sizes (Ø40cm, Ø60cm and Ø90cm)
  • Can be used with existing syringe / tank unit


Undavina 600

The biggest advantage of Undavina herbicide spray heads is the complete shielding for a treatment right up to the crop. In the standard version, the shielding is achieved by the black "brushes" which prevent drift and cause no damage to the crop.

Undavina 400 mit Abschirmung

However, this type of drift can only be used for vines and orchards. When used in low crops such as blueberries, an additional tarpaulin shielding must be applied over the entire Undavina spray head.

The Undavina herbicide spray heads are equipped with a double flat spray nozzle which sprays the full spray head width.
It is also possible to equip the Undavina with a rotary atomizer (CDA / ULV). The advantage of the CDA variant is that the low dilution of the herbicides (1 part herbicide to 3-5 parts water) allows a large area output to be achieved.
Should you have any further questions about the Undavina herbicide spray heads in the CDA or nozzle version, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Undavina herbicide spray head sizes:

Undavina Ø400 Left Nozzle (Art. No. 131025)
Undavina Ø400 Right nozzle (art. no. 131020)

Undavina Ø600 Left nozzle (art. no. 131035)
Undavina Ø600 Right nozzle (art. no. 131030)

Undavina Ø900 left nozzle (art. no. 131045)
Undavina Ø900 Right nozzle (art. no. 131040)

Details Herbicide spray head Undavina:

delivery time: 10 - 20 days
payment options: Prepayment, invoice (only within Germany)
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