Bird scarer ballon (pack of 3)

Colour: white, black, yellow

Bird scarer ballon (pack of 3)

article number: 140181

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The Bird scarer ballon is used for bird defense and bird deterrence from an area of about Ø 40 meters around the balloon.

The balloon is hung up with a string. Due to its shape, colour and special imprint, the balloon is very effective. With the help of the adhesive reflect "eyes" the optical attraction is additionally strengthened.

Due to its low weight, the balloon moves very easily with the wind. The reflective stripes attached to the lower end of the balloon make it even more effective.

The bird balloon is filled with air.

Areas of application of the anti-bird balloon are:

    House and courtyard
    industrial facilities

Details Bird scarer ballon (pack of 3):

delivery time: 1 - 3 days
article number: 140181
weight: 1,00 kg
payment options: Prepayment, invoice (only within Germany)
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