Bird of prey kite set II - Eagle



Bird of prey kite set II - Eagle

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Natural defence through bird of prey kites rising in the wind and flapping wings

- Simple assembly
- effective
- Environmentally friendly
- Effective optical stimulation without noise

The authentically reproduced bird of prey (eagle ) consists of weatherproof and tearproof Tyvek. This material, which consists of a polyethylene fabric, has the advantage that the dummy is durable and at the same time very light.

This bird of prey kite with a span of 1.11 m is attached to a fibreglass rod with a 1.8 m long line.

The easy to handle fibreglass rod is held in place by a bottom holder which is knocked into the ground. This makes it very easy to set up.

The set consists of the following components:
Fiberglass rod (9,6m rod)
Powder-coated floor holder
fastening rope
Bird of prey kite (eagle)


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