Electronic control unit for the Purivox Triplex V


Elektronikeinheit Purivox Triplex V

We have included all of your required needs in the development of our blast-shock control units.

  • 3-way shot for effective expulsion (scare – fly up – fly away)
  • Irregular firing sequences. Random configuration in four time sequences prevents birds adapting to  sound.
  • Timer installed. Operation Freedom, greater programmable random configuration, pre-set on and off timer.
  • Optimized power consumption. Long-term operation without battery replacement.
  • Weatherproof housing. Prevents interference from rain or condensation.



The Micro-controller regulates the propane gas,via a solenoid valve, into the firing chamber, combustion then takes place by means of high voltage ignition. All components are moisture protected and the power consumption is optimized, all of which gives for a long service life.
Energy needs:  2 x 6V 4R25 batteries.

Elektronikeinheit Purivox Triplex V Elektronikeinheit Purivox Triplex V