CDA stands for Controlled Droplet Application.

A rotating nozzle disc enables the targeted application of fine droplets with a defined spectrum at low spray quantities.

Evenly large droplets are formed at its serrated edge and centrifuged outwards, where they then sink downwards under gravity.


CDA-SpritzbildCDA spray pattern result on water-sensitive paper

CDA-Spritzdüse VergleichsbildCDA Spray Nozzle Comparison of CDA to conventional spray nozzle

Instead of the usual 300 - 600 litres of broth per hectare, approx. 10 - 30 litres per hectare are sufficient for the same amount of herbicide; the preparation is therefore applied in a more concentrated manner.

Many years of practical experience are available with glyphosate products (e.g. Roundup® UltraMax and Basta®). Depending on the type of device, the drop size is approx. 200 - 300µ. The result: optimum distribution with minimum risk of drift.

Advantages of CDA devices

Operational efficiency:

  •     Cost savings due to reduced spray agent and water saving
  •     Droplet distribution and uniform droplet size for better spray results
  •     Significantly faster spraying process

Increased productivity:

  •     Significantly less spray liquid required compared to conventional nozzle technology
  •     Time expenditure considerably reduced
  •     CDA handheld devices greatly reduce physical exertion compared to conventional backpack sprayers

Safe spraying:

  •     Reduces operating errors due to fatigue, as the process is less strenuous than with a backpack sprayer
  •     Fewer mixing and filling operations where contamination is most likely

Lower environmental impact:

  •     Reduced water consumption
  •     Lower contamination of the soil in comparison to spraying with a nozzle, as well as considerably more targeted  spreading