Bird control with ultrasound

Why do ultrasonic bird control devices work poorly or not at all on agricultural areas?

You should differate in which areas the ultrasonic bird control devices should be operated. If we talk about agricultural areas, we normally talk about several thousand square metres or several hectares. Here it's not possible to work with ultrasonic bird control devices. This is mainly due to the limited range of the devices and various environmental influences such as rain, fog and wind as well as local conditions (greenery, steep slopes,...).

We rely on a mix of various bird control devices, such as sonic bird control devices (BirdGard) which use the natural panic and warning calls of the birds as well as dummies of the birds of prey, which simulate an enemy at the area. The bird control in the area can also be topped with a gas cannon, which simultes several shots and thus achieves an excellent bird defence for large areas.

If you have any questions for an optimal bird defense for your agricultural areas, please contact us. We advise you individually to achieve the best possible result!